Uprising helps vulnerable children in Uganda to rise above poverty and change the world. We are all born with unique talents and gifts and when we are given the opportunity to grow and discover our purpose, we become a blessing to others. However, when a child is struggling without even their basic needs met, they are unable to fulfill their unique calling and the whole world misses out on what could have been. We believe that you rise by lifting others and that life stories are changed through compassion and connection on both the side of the giver and receiver.

Uprising serves vulnerable children in Uganda that were once living on the streets. After many years of providing total care, these children have been successfully reintegrated with their families and communities. However, they continue to benefit from support focusing on educational and vocational opportunities as they work toward building a different future. Our goal is to come alongside their struggling families, keeping kids in school and breaking the cycle of poverty. We are also providing support for a foster home with seven young children that are orphaned by providing for their basic needs, including food, medical care and shelter.

In addition to our work directly supporting vulnerable children and families, we have successfully built a school in the rural village of Kankoole, where there were previously limited opportunities for education. Over 400 students now attend the school, including children whose families are unable to pay even a minimal tuition. We will continue to support the school as they work towards educating all children regardless of their family’s ability to pay, improving nutrition through a community garden and striving towards total sustainability.

Please join with us to change the lives of vulnerable children by helping them to rise above poverty and change their world!

Project Updates