Uprising helps vulnerable children in Uganda to rise above poverty and change the world. We are all born with unique talents and gifts and when we are given the opportunity to grow and discover our purpose, we become a blessing to others. However, when a child is struggling without even their basic needs met, they are unable to fulfill their unique calling and the whole world misses out on what could have been. We believe that you rise by lifting others and that life stories are changed through compassion and connection on both the side of the giver and receiver.

Uprising serves vulnerable children in Uganda in partnership with Saving Grace Ministries, a registered and licensed NGO. Together, we have created a family for twelve children that were living on the streets in the slums of Kampala. We provide for their total care in the home including food, medical care and education and that which is less tangible, hope, love and encouragement. In addition to the children living in the Saving Grace Home, we also provide educational scholarships and support to eight children living in the community. Our goal is to prevent more children from ending up on the streets by supporting struggling families and keeping kids in school.

In addition to the Saving Grace Home, Uprising also supports care for children remaining on the streets in a slum in Kampala called Kisenyi. Saving Grace Ministries participates in weekly outreach with these children, providing medical care, food and a consistent connection to these children who are living in a desperate and dangerous environment. We are working towards opening a drop-in shelter called Grace Haven which will provide shelter, medical care, food and safety for these children while permanent living solutions are explored such as resettlement with their families.

The final component of Uprising is the work we are doing to support vulnerable children in the rural village of Kankoole by improving educational opportunities. This has included improving the physical structure of the school by adding a roof, an additional classroom, building safe latrines and providing relief from recent drought conditions with support for food for the children. Our current goals include supporting the school as they work towards meeting government requirements, starting a community garden in order to improve nutrition and working towards starting all eligible children in the area in school with assistance with school fees. In addition, we have identified long terms goals of helping the school and community with income generating, sustainable projects.

Please join with us to change the lives of vulnerable children by helping them to rise above poverty and change their world!

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