Guide/Porter Scholarships

People come to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro.  What they remember the most are the porters and guides who helped them on the trek to the summit.  Most of these men have dedicated themselves for over 15 years to helping hundreds of climbers reach the “rooftop of Africa”.  We all age.  Now they are are moving into their 40’s.  Their hope lies in their children. Many never finished more than primary school.  An education at a good school is the hope they have for their children and their own future.  If their children can get a good job, it means security, or as secure as Tanzanians can be in their old age.  Educating their children is a profound desire in a way we can not appreciate. It will change the immediate life of the family in so many ways.

What can you do?

A porter’s job is seasonal, earning $35 a trip; a guide’s salary could earn up to up to a maximum of $200 per trip. On a good year they will be able to fit in 8 trips a year, but then no other work for the remainder of the year.  In Tanzania there is over 50% unemployment.  Your contribution to their children’s education will have ripple effects we cannot appreciate.  Please look at the stories of the families we are supporting and consider becoming a sponsor.  We will update sponsors with pictures and materials two times a year.

Project Updates

JOS Guide Porter Scholarship project

This project continues to support the tuition for nine children of the guides and porters who work on Kilimanjaro.