New Hope Waves

New Hope Waves is a local non-profit organization working among children, youth and their communities based in Livingstone, Zambia, Africa. The organization wants to purchase a minibus with a capacity of 30 seats. It will be used to transport the local soccer teams to various towns across Zambia thereby helping to expand their sporting ability and to build social and entrepreneurial networks for children and adults in the community. The minibus will also help provide a source of sustainable income for multiple people in the community (drivers, mechanics, coaches, teachers, etc.) when it is hired by outside groups, travelers and other schools. Any profits will be reinvested into the New Hope Wave project.  Longer term New Hope Waves plans to build out a vocational style restaurant school where students will learn various hospitality and cooking skills.   

I (Erik Beck) got involved when a friend of mine (who I met on a previous trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe) was looking for financial help to pay for burn cream after his daughter had hot oil spilled on her body.  Instead of just giving him money, I asked if he could donate his time to a local charity and we found New Hope Waves where he could help teach young kids how to play soccer.  I was able to provide my friend with funds for his daughter’s cream and was able to provide additional funds to New Hope Waves to get their dream started.  However, since New Hope Waves is not a registered 501c3, it is hard to raise further funds for their group. 

With the various projects New Hopes Waves has undertaken, we see being able to fund the transportation minibus as the most pertinent as it will provide the group with a means to generate long term income.   The seed capital will be used not only to purchase the minibus but also to sustain future costs incurred (fuel, maintenance, insurance, registration, drivers, etc.) until the bus can develop a reputation in the community for hire.  The seed funding will also provide the needed transportation expenses for students and athletes to attend events.  Once the bus project has been deemed successful, we will look to begin Phase 2 which would be opening a vocational style program geared around food and hospitality.