Everest Sherpa Porter Projects

English = Income

Help improve the potential earnings of our Sherpa friends by supporting scholarships for English Training lessons.

People who work with tourist earn significantly more if they can communicate with their clients. This allows a greater connection which increases tips and opportunities for the Sherpas.

We have hired a local Sherpa (helps his income) to go into a Tamang Village below the Everest area we have a long association with and train the local staff in English. In this village are our friends since the early 1980’s. Now we work with the third generation of our original staff. Of special note is our cook, Palde from this village, who was killed and widowed his family. In 2024 we will again be using this staff and checking on the progress of their skills. This will be done during three off seasons. It is a very cost effective way of getting English training to as many as possible. Each participant pays a small amount. The scholarship fund will cover the balance  of the cost of $2000 total.

Rick French, PackPaddleSki

Photo by Paul Garsin