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Journeys of Solutions, Inc.

Expertise on starting and running your grassroots project.

Journeys of Solutions, Inc.

Have you traveled to a developing country and returned home with a desire to help the people and communities you have encountered on your journeys?

We can help you realize that dream.

Journeys of Solutions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established by fellow travelers to provide support for individuals and groups to launch their own volunteer grassroots projects. Projects may involve assistance with infrastructure improvements, health care, or education needs. It is up to you.

Journeys of Solutions, Inc. can help guide you with expertise on starting and running your project, fund raising, and the logistics of working on international projects.

Project Updates & News

Child Sponsorship Program - Celebrating 11 Years!

Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) Tanzania: Celebrating 11 Years! | Surely 2020 has been a year of transitions! Thankfully in the midst of Covid-19's spread, all of our students and program partners in Tanzania have remained healthy and safe!…