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RBK Bio Shot 200x300Bob Kuehl

Retired from the Eastman Kodak Company after a 35 year career in digital imaging systems and is now an adjunct instructor at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  He is looking forward to pursuing new interests and experiences through participation in regional and international service projects. Journeys of Solutions is an exciting opportunity to support grassroots projects in developing countries by working with volunteers who are highly motivated to help, and who can make a real difference by being directly involved with the people in need.

lindaLinda Artruc is married with two daughters. Linda is a Junior High science teacher at Livonia Junior High School. She loves to hike and bike.

Recently Linda an her husband, Paul, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. While in Tanzania, Linda and her husband visited the Bulati School, which is part of Journeys Of Solutions, Inc. In the picture, Linda is delivering school supplies collected by students, staff, and friends of Livonia Junior High.

Lisa protraitLisa Bouchard is a Management Consultant, working with business leaders for the past 13 years to achieve unprecedented and sustainable results through increased employee engagement. She loves a “great conversation with a friend while enjoying the outdoors…running hiking, paddling, skiing, or hitting a golf ball.”

“I am involved in JOS because I feel there is so much that we can give and teach to others in need. I also know that ultimately we will receive and learn much more than we ever anticipated from the experience.”

Bonnie Dupuis portraitBonnie Dupuis teaches Chemistry and Physics at Avon High School, Avon, New York where she is also the 5-12 Science Department Leader. She enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities. Her late husband climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with the first JOI group in 2008.

“When I heard that Journeys Of Solutions, Inc needed someone to be the treasurer, I decided to offer my services. I have held that position for many other organizations in the past.”

rickRick French is President of Pack Paddle Ski,  a year round adventure company.  In that capacity he has traveled with adventurers to over 30 countries on all 7 continents for almost 30 years.  During those experiences many connections have been created between people, countries and places that have profoundly affected many lives.

“I see Journeys of Solutions as a way to serve travelers who have felt a tug at their hearts.  JOS is a way to help people move a dream into action.  In this process, may our ripples radiate to many lives. Why not?”

Krsti ShieldsKirsti Shields was born in England but traveled extensively, living and working in different countries around the world before settling in Rochester, NY with her husband and children. Kirsti works as a pediatric occupational therapist, serving young children with special needs and their families in the Rochester area. In her free time she tries to find ways to combine her passion for public health with her love of travel and volunteering.

Reardon picLindsay Connelly is a digital marketing professional based out of Rochester, NY. She has been an avid rock climber for the past 8 years and enjoys many other outdoor pursuits. Because of her love for outdoor sports, Lindsay has dreamed of starting her own grassroots project to get more young girls involved with rock climbing. She hopes to help others realize their dreams through Journeys of Solutions and be inspired to fulfill hers in the future.

Jaima Herberger

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