Sherpa Scholarship

Help Chheji with her education

Chheji is the daughter of our dear Sherpa friend Ngawang.   Ngawang
began as a sherpa in 2013.  In this capacity he is a guide for people
going to places such as Everest Base Camp.    At that time he did an
outstanding job of working with the group.  People were moved by his
amazing organization skills and consistent attentiveness (even carrying
trekkers too weak to walk on his back) PPS supported him in school for
english and guide training in the past.  He works as a carpenter but it
is very hard even working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, at a distant
location for over 3 months at a time to make any income.  He has two
children of his own.  In addition he cares for his nieces.  His sister
died unfortunately in her 30’s.

Government schools are substandard in Nepal. The teachers often are not
paid so they dont show up. There are no supplies and huge class numbers.
To get an education it is necessary to go to a private school.  That is
5 hours walk as there are no roads, from Ngawang’s village.

Chheji in 2018 is 12 years old. To make this transition she will need to
be tested and basically start her education over as the government
school system has done little to prepare her.

The private school only costs about $1000/year.

To support this project any amount is helpful.  PPS felt it critical
enough to help Ngawang and Chheji they have already committed to the
project without knowing how to sustain it.  Therefore, especially if you
are able to make a yearly or monthly commitment any amount will be

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