Eco Moyo Education Center

Primary and Adult Education

Like in most poor countries, many children do not receive education and grow up illiterate. Old news, but what to do… where to start…why bother…  – but then again, why not bother? Especially if it’s fun to bother! Knowledge is power and without a decent education, chances of living a comfortable life are pretty limited. Located in the Mombasa, Kenya area, we are a small group of people who have come together with the ambition of opening a primary school, also offering free education for illiterate adults.

Our Vision

Be a center of education for the local community, promoting sustainable living and affordable solutions for self-reliance.

The Mission

  • Build a nursery and primary school for 200 orphans and poor children.

  • Develop an ecological farm on permaculture principals, with fish-breeding, cultivation of edible plants, trees for construction and a few livestock.

  • Offer free, yet high quality education based on the Montessori pedagogy and the Green School Movement.

  • Become a self-sufficient school by running micro businesses within the same project.

  • Initiate exchange courses, volunteer programs and activities for locals and visitors by teaming up with schools and organizations in the area and abroad. (Related to sports, performing arts, farming and construction design).

We recently changed our name from ABA School Kenya to Eco Moyo Education Center.

“Eco” is short for “Ecology” which literally means: “Study of the Home” – Ecology refers to the relationship between organisms and their environment. “Moyo” is the swahili name for “heart” and refers to the name of the village (Ezamoyo) where we are building are new education center.

We are currently running a nursery and early primary school with 20 students. See the project’s web site for more details at

Lindsay from Norway (with Rochester connections) is the Managing Director in Mombasa for the project and the project leader for Journeys of Solutions involvement with the Eco Moyo project. Journeys of Solutions is their US partner.