Free education for rural children in Kenya

Our Vision

Increase the quality of life for underprivileged children.

The Mission

Provide free, primary education for all children in the Dzunguni village.

Eco Moyo means…..

Eco is short for Ecology. Moyo means heart in Swahili. The name Eco Moyo therefore, refers to showing love for our environment.

In short…

By engaging an international network of friends, family, volunteers and donors, we have built a unique school in rural Kenya, offering  free primary education to children from Dzunguni village.

The school is designed by architect students and promotes green values in curriculum activities.

As of 2020, 230 students receive free education through Eco Moyo and the school has 15 staff members from the local community.

See the project’s web site for more details at

Lindsay from Norway (with Rochester connections) is the Eco Moyo founder and project leader. Journeys of Solutions is their US partner.