Oullo Family Medical Center

The Oullo Family Medical Center will provide basic health care to students at a rural school in Kameke village, Uganda. There’s tremendous excitement within the village and school community about the project. Kameke is a rural area: school students either travel vast distances to get to and from school or board onsite in basic dormitories. Many days of learning – and lives – are lost to common treatable diarrhoeal, respiratory, and parasitic infections. As there is no way to safely quarantine or care for sick students currently, sick students (even young children) must travel long distances home, alone, and potentially infecting others, when they become ill. 

Plans (codesigned with local elders Simon and Stella Oullo, whom I met on a previous trip to the area) are underway to rent a four-room building near the school and convert it into a small clinic with supplies donated by Intervol in Rochester, and hand-transported to Kameke by me. Non-medical supplies and furnishings will be sourced locally. Our hope is to raise enough funds to cover basic clinic set-up and six months’ operating costs before hopefully opening the center in the second half of 2024. We are eagerly seeking sponsors for our monthly rent payments ($40 a month) and part-sponsors of our nurse’s salary ($150 a month) but any support would make a tremendous difference to the health, happiness, and future possibilities of Kameke’s young students. 

You can donate using the Donate button below or via my Facebook campaign at Oullo Family Medical Center Campaign .

Kirsti Shields, Project Lead   
[email protected]