Child Sponsorship Program

 “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” 

– Nelson Mandela

Our Work

Our Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) was created in October 2009 after seeing the great need for children in Karatu, Tanzania to have access to early English-language education.  Over the past decade, Journeys of Solutions (JOS) has been so pleased to partner with Shalom Orphanage Centre, Tumaini Junior Primary School (TJS), Tumaini Senior Secondary School (TSSS), Jobortunity, and a handful of other schools throughout Tanzania where our students have pursued education. And, we are so grateful to our individual donors for their dedicated partnership, many of whom have been on this journey with us from the very beginning!

More About Our Partners

Shalom Orphanage Centre is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political, non-religious organization registered in the United Republic of Tanzania under the 2002 Non-Government Organization Act. Founded in 2004 through the love and vision of Warra Nnko “Mama Warra”, Shalom’s sole mission is to improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged children in Karatu and neighboring communities Arusha and Moshi, ensuring they are shown mercy regardless of religion, tribe or ethnicity.  Shalom is home to more than 80 children and receives support from a handful of organizations and generous individuals to ensure these children have access to food, education, water, and health care.

Also started in 2004 by Modest and Lightness Bayo, the privately-run Tumaini Junior School (TJS) currently has over 900 students enrolled and boasts some of the highest testing scores in the Karatu region. In fact, since 2011, Tumaini has been ranked in the top 20% of primary schools in the nation! Mr. and Mrs. Bayo are true visionaries who continue to equip Tumaini students with strong leadership skills. Truly they embody the Tumaini motto, “Strive for Excellence.”

In 2015, Mr. Bayo broke ground on the Tumaini Senior Secondary School (TSSS), which opened its doors to over forty Form I students in January 2016. Through the generosity and great partnership of Tanzania Education Corporation, TJS & TSSS are empowering and equipping young minds. We are grateful to partner with Mr. & Mrs. Bayo and TEC!

In 2018, JOS began a new partnership with Jobortunity, an apprenticeship program in Arusha that trains youth between 18-25 years to be ready to join the workforce. This training and development institute is doing phenomenal work and we’re so grateful to have one student currently enrolled at Jobortunity where he is learning the  Hi5 method.

More Background

CSP Founder and Project Lead, Elizabeth Kallop, first visited Shalom Orphanage Centre in 2008 after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Unable to forget her brief visit with Mama Warra and the Shalom children, following her return to home in New York City, she immediately began planning a return to Tanzania. Some friends from the Kilimanjaro climb had recently launched Journeys of Solutions so after some project planning discussions, using her event planning and fundraising background, Elizabeth raised funds for a July 2009 survey trip to Shalom in order to see how JOS could join Shalom in its efforts to support and improve the children’s lives. During this trip, Elizabeth and a volunteer family worked with Shalom on construction, health care and education projects.

In September 2009 Elizabeth returned to Shalom for three months, during which time the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) was born. From 2009-2011, Elizabeth traveled to Tanzania for weeks and months at a time to continue developing the CSP. In 2012, Elizabeth returned to Karatu for two years of continued development of the CSP whilst also working for Tanzania Education Corporation. During this time Elizabeth worked to establish TEC’s presence in Karatu, which included oversight and expansion of a sponsorship program, the creation of a volunteer program and increased visibility of TEC’s efforts and dedication to working alongside Tumaini Junior School founders Modest and Lightness Bayo. In 2014 Elizabeth returned to New York City where she continues to manage the CSP remotely.

Looking Back | 10 years behind us!

“Compared to 14 other East and Southern African countries, adolescent girls in Tanzania continue to have relatively high rates of child marriage and early childbearing and low educational attainment. Almost one in three Tanzanian girls marry as children and almost one in four have their first child before the age of 18. As a result, just over one in four girls completes her secondary education.” -“Tanzania Economic Update The Power of Investing in Girls: Education Girls and Ending Child Marriage in Tanzania.” The World Bank Group. January 2019.

To date, 100% of the female students JOS has supported (6 total) have graduated Form IV. One is pursuing her second year of college, whilst two others will begin college in 2020. Two more have graduated from one-year training institutes and will soon enter the workforce, and one other student completed her first year of college before transitioning out of JOS’ program.

Ten years ago, we enrolled our first 7 students at Tumaini Junior School. These once shy and quiet children have grown into confident and mature young leaders who are pursuing educational studies across the country in secondary schools, technical colleges and training institutes! (For more details check out Meet Our Students)

Over the years, our CSP expanded to support a total of 19 students from Karatu. In advance of the 2016 school year, we worked with one incredible JOS- and Tanzania supporter, Fiona Hall, to transition the students she had supported since 2010 to her company, All Around Tanzania. The students continue to thrive at their schools and enjoy visits with Fiona and other AATz friends.

In 2017, as we were preparing for our first group of Form IV graduates, we began to see that more opportunities are afforded to not just Form IV graduates, but those holding higher/advanced degrees and certificates. As such, we began developing the Kesho Fund (“kesho” means “tomorrow” in Swahili) to support qualifying students who hoped to pursue advanced studies. Some of our CSP students whose individual donor funding had lapsed were our first recipients of Kesho Fund support in 2018, along with a few non-CSP students from the town of Karatu.  

Looking Ahead | Kesho Fund & Winding Down

In Tanzania, 28% of students complete secondary school and only 1% enroll in higher education.

To date, 90% of JOS students who have advanced to Form IV have completed secondary school and

80% have enrolled (or will be by 2020) in higher education!

At present, we support 5 students (3 young women and 2 young men) from Shalom Orphanage.  We have celebrated alongside these young adults as they’ve completed primary and in most cases secondary school studies – our youngest student is on track to complete Form IV in 2021, and begin higher education pursuits in 2022. And by 2027, eighteen years from its inception, we anticipate that our CSP will sunset upon completion of its ambitious mission.

Of the students in our program, two of our original “Tumaini 7” graduated from their one-year certificate programs and our JOS program. Both have opted to enter the workforce: one is working at a boutique hotel in Zanzibar, whilst the other will soon begin at a lodge in Karatu! The remainder either transitioned to be supported by AATz or, while difficult, five students transitioned out of JOS due to behavioral challenges with educational institutions and/or misconduct with JOS policies. You can find more information about our policies here Kesho Fund FAQ (See Kiswahili version here)

With our focus on our current 5 students, we remain committed to equipping these young adults with strong educational tools so that they can navigate their futures. The Kesho Fund will offer these tools through providing advanced educational support of up to 5 years from the time of Form IV graduation. As detailed on our Kesho Fund FAQ , this support could include courses at vocational schools and training institutes, certificate and diploma programs or university. Qualifying students who wish to pursue higher education studies can request to receive funding for continued learning Kesho Fund – Request for Continued Learning (see Kiswahili version here) or for a one-time business funding grant Kesho Fund – Request for Business Funding  (see Kiswahili version here).

A final note about our students from Shalom Orphanage Centre: as students complete their advanced educational endeavors and transition out of the CSP, they will also transition out of living at Shalom, per government law. Although JOS cannot assume guardianship for any of the supported students upon completing their advanced educational endeavors, eligible students can apply for a one-time transition gift to help them get settled into the next stage of life.

For more information about the Kesho Fund – or to support one of our students – please contact Elizabeth (

Sponsorship | Then and Now

The CSP was created over ten years ago with an aim to help the children for the duration of their schooling by offering individual donors the unique opportunity to “adopt” students and commit to their educational endeavors. In most cases, students have had one or two donors support their primary and secondary school education for the entirety of their school years.

In the beginning, the student profile was straightforward: support was available for primary and secondary school studies so long as the students received positive behavioral reports from school and performed to the best of their abilities. In more recent years, as students began embarking upon paths of advanced studies, student profiles have been varied in that each student has chosen their own unique course of study. For example: upon completing Form IV in 2017, two of our eldest students opted for one-year vocational certificates in order to strengthen their candidacy to enter the tourism industry. Three other students opted for more traditional three-year college certificate programs. We’ve also enrolled some students at the Jobortunity apprenticeship program (though only one remains enrolled there) and others in driving and language courses.

In light of these various advanced educational paths, support for each student is truly unique and customized. Below are details regarding various avenues of support, including how funds are used to benefit the students’ educational endeavors.

In the coming years, we will not be enrolling any more students in need of long-term support. Rather, through our Kesho Fund, support will be available for students currently enrolled in the CSP who are in good standing within their respective studies, e.g. have maintained good grades and received positive behavioral reports, as they aim to pursue advanced education studies. In the case of students outside the CSP who are interested in Kesho Fund support, JOS will accept applications in February of each year. And, in the case that we learn of students in need of long-term support, we will continue to work with our partners who can accept children in need.

Secondary Schooling: up to $2,300.00 USD per year

For private secondary schools, costs are up to $2,300.00 and include: tuition and boarding fees, uniforms and non-school clothing, medical needs at nearby FAME and local dispensaries, school trips, and school supplies. We also ensure sponsorship includes extra tutoring and other incidental costs and boarding needs, as well as school maintenance fees.

Higher Education Schooling: up to $2,000.00USD per year

This includes tuition, housing costs, uniforms, and non-school clothing, field placements, medical needs at FAME and local dispensaries, school trips, and school supplies. Additional funds are used for extra tutoring and other incidental costs.

Jobortunity Schooling: up to $1,200.00 USD per year

In 2018, JOS began its partnership with Jobortunity, which provides apprenticeship/job training for young adults who are eager to enter the workforce. Costs include Jobortunity tuition, uniforms, all supplies, living costs, medical needs at FAME and local dispensaries, school trips and other incidental costs.

Driving or Language Courses: up to $300.00 USD

Contact Elizabeth ( to learn how you can support a student today through the Kesho Fund!

Meet Our Students

Current Students

Former and Transitioning Students

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Timeline of Growth


  • JOS volunteers raise funds for construction projects at Shalom, including building a veranda and painting bedrooms and classroom
  • JOS volunteer/licensed dentist provides free dental assessments to Shalom children and staff, along with dental hygiene products
  • JOS purchases school uniforms, food, and pay utility bills at Shalom
  • JOS secures free health assessments/physicals from nearby FAME Medical
  • Creation of CSP
  • 7 Shalom children are enrolled at TJS


  • CSP expands its support to 9 additional Shalom children to study at TJS; 16 total
  • JOS volunteers raise funds for construction projects and help to repair corn milling machine at Shalom
  • JOS volunteer raises funds for arts projects at TJS including short visits to Shalom and TJS
  • JOS purchases school uniforms, food, and pay utility bills at Shalom
  • TJS breaks ground for water well


  • JOS begins fundraising for TJS’ water well
  • TJS celebrates ranking as #1 primary school in Karatu out of more than 90 schools and ranking of 40 of over 15,000 schools in the nation and the first class of Standard VII graduates. This trend continues in the years to follow, through 2019!
  • JOS volunteer raises funds for food for Shalom and for arts projects at TJS, including short visits to Shalom and TJS
  • JOS provides funds for food and home needs at Shalom


  • CSP expands to support 18 students
  • Fundraising for the TJS water well is complete
  • JOS purchases solar panel for hot water in girls’ dormitory at TJS
  • JOS provides funds for food and home needs at Shalom


  • JOS supporter Tom Stevens visits Karatu for a month for mural painting, and computer lab and library assistance at TJS. NOTE, Tom was the first volunteer to visit Tumaini through Tanzania Education Corp’s newly created volunteer program and continued to raise JOS support through 2016.
  • Water well dedication at TJS with the Kallop Family and friends
  • Several sponsored students represent TJS at district and national-level sports competitions
  • JOS congratulates the first 5 Standard VII graduates; these students continue on to secondary schools across Tanzania
  • JOS provides mosquito nets for every bed at Shalom and TJS thanks to the great efforts of two students at Geneseo Central School in Geneseo, NY.
  • JOS provides funds for food and home needs at Shalom


  • Volunteer Tom Stevens returns to TJS with computers and software through his “Technology for Tumaini” initiative (and continued until 2016 with this initiative)
  • 1st Annual TJS Alumni Celebration (which continues to present day)
  • Several sponsored students represent TJS at district and national-level sports competitions
  • JOS congratulates 4 more Standard VII graduates; these students continue on to secondary schools across Tanzania
  • CSP expands support to a total of 19 students
  • JOS provides funds for food and home needs at Shalom


  • Several sponsored students represent TJS at district and national-level sports competitions
  • JOS congratulates four more Standard VII graduates, three of whom matriculate into TSSS whilst one receives an invitation to attend a specialized secondary school
  • JOS provides funds for food and home needs at Shalom


  • JOS celebrates the opening of TSSS in January
  • CSP transitions its support to 11 students after 8 students transition to direct through support All Around Tanzania
  • JOS provides funds for food and home needs at Shalom


  • Creation of advanced school fund: Kesho Fund (“kesho” means “tomorrow” in Swahili) to assist our sponsored students in their advanced educational endeavors
  • Our youngest and final TJS student, Shedrack, graduates Standard VII
  • Our five eldest students complete their O-level secondary school education, passing their national exams and graduating Form IV
  • JOS provides funds for food and home needs at Shalom


  • Kesho Fund development continues
  • All of our students formally begin pursuing secondary school studies
  • Our five eldest students enroll in colleges and institutes across the country
  • JOS begins a partnership with Jobortunity, an apprenticeship program in Arusha (sadly this same student is later placed on probation before opting to leave the program)
  • Two students complete their O-level secondary school education, passing their national exams and graduating Form IV
  • JOS hires a Tanzania-based coordinator to assist with student management
  • JOS provides funds for food and home needs at Shalom


  • Kesho Fund final development – which allows for support to qualifying students outside of sponsored CSP – and announcement
  • Two students begin year 2 of college
  • Two more students are enrolled at Jobortunity (sadly one is put on probation before opting to leave the program)
  • Two “Tumaini 7” students complete one-year certificate courses at Tropical Centre Institute and choose to enter the workforce