Solola Home

Solola Home is the proposed sister home to Hogar Ninos Fatima, a Home for children who are abandoned or removed from their families due to abuse or neglect. (JOS Board Member, Kirsti Shields, has visited this home twice in the past six months, including, most recently, with a group of 15 high school students and community members from the Honeoye Falls-Lima community. )

Staff at the Ninos Fatima home, which is recognized as a model of best practice in the care of vulnerable children in Guatemala, have identified a need for a sister facility in the predominantly indigenous Solola township, an area 90 miles west of the original Ninos Fatima Home.

Suitable land has been offered at a reduced rate by a local landowner – funds are now needed to purchase the property and construct the Home itself. The majority of families in this area live in poverty: many of the children are from the K’aqchiquel, Quiche, and Tzutujil ethnic groups. Once the Solola Home is built, the plan is to recruit and train staff from the local community enabling children who are removed from their families due to neglect, abuse or abandonment to remain connected to their original culture, language, family and community while they in care. Additional programs will support women who have filed reports against family members and are then unable to return home.