It’s an exciting time of change and hope for the children we are working with in Uganda! This year, we were able to purchase land and begin building a new primary school in the village of Kankoole. The new school will provide amazing opportunities to the children in the area that previously have not had a school that meets government standards. The children and the families are very excited and have joined in efforts to build the school and maintain the community garden which helps to feed the children attending. We hope to eventually add on a poultry project to nourish the children and provide income for the school.

The children living at our Saving Grace Home continue to thrive, attending school, building job skills and helping to run all of our projects. We are very proud to witness some of the older boys begin to grow into leadership roles in the work we are doing. We have successfully resettled some of the children with family members and continue to provide support in terms of food and school fees to help them be successful at home.

In other exciting news, we opened a shelter in the slums of Kisenyi for children who are still living on the streets. Grace Haven provides refuge, medical care, food and basic educational lessons in addition to hope for a different future. Our first group of children that have been living at the shelter are preparing to transition into our home on a permanent basis or to resettle with family.

None of this would be possible without the support provided through JOS and for that, we are filled with gratitude for lives changed and hope restored.