2019 has been a year of stretch for Uprising as we continue our work supporting vulnerable youth and families in Uganda. We have largely completed construction on a new school facility in Kankoole. Little Wings Academy now provides a primary education to 206 students, quadruple the capacity of the previous site, in addition to providing a living wage for five teachers. In the city of Kampala, we are working to expand Grace Haven, a transition shelter for children who are ready to move toward more permanency either in our Saving Grace Home or by returning to their families. We look forward to a larger facility that will include medical care and showers, in addition to growing our resettlement efforts to help more children successfully make the transition off the streets back to their families whenever possible. All of this is possible through the tireless work of our partner David in Uganda, and the generosity of our donors/supporters. We’re looking forward to continued growth in 2020