Jhule School/Community Center, Nepal

For 30 years Pack Paddle Ski has worked with what has become an extended family of Sherpas for us when we go to Nepal. We have stayed in their houses, joined their weddings and assisted them during the earthquake, sponsoring students in school and guide training and other ways of supporting their ability to sustain themselves.  They have been with us on Pilgrimage to see the Dali Lama.  We have joined with them to assist in much needed projects in Nepal.

The current project is a school in Jhule. We will be there in 2018 to visit the site and begin construction.  We will be going over each year after to continue projects in Jhule.

This school will facilitate children from around 20-30 household in the area. Currently the children have to walk many hours, passing thin forests and especially difficult during the monsoon season.

We are planning to add a multipurpose hall/building also which can be used by the community for various purposes. This part of the building will also include a few rooms for guests/ volunteers to generate income for the sustaining of the project.

We will also operate smaller projects to educate the locals: handicrafts, farming, etc.

French Friends of Nepal, an association in France, has collected an amount of US $13,000 in France and they continue their efforts. We need a total of  US $44,000 to initiate the project.  We would be glad to show you the plans and budget if you like.

Please consider joining us on site or by sharing your resources with your friends.  $100 gets a name on a brick, $1000 a section of classroom and $5000 a complete wall.