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Lightness Women’s Homes In Africa April 2017 Update

Imagine yourself dancing alongside local tribal women to a deep, resonating drumbeat until sweat is pouring off you. These are the same women you have sat with on the tarp to pick out pieces of rice, stirred porridge over the fire, held their babies and sat in their smoky mud and wattle houses. The women encourage you to jump alongside with them in the dance steps. Finally, you need to sit down.

In February 8 of us spent almost 2 weeks with Lightness and her projects. We painted the walls and dug foundations for 3 houses to replace the fallen, mud hut, these single women of 4 to 6 children live in. It is not really possible I think to understand what these houses mean to these mom’s.

4 Walls @ Imagine RIT

The 4Walls Project will be part of this year’s Imagine RIT.

Imagine RIT showcases the most innovative and creative projects of RIT students, including their project to create roofs for 4Walls houses.

Plant seeds of hope for Mother’s Day

I was fascinated to discover recently that the roots of the modern Mother’s Day celebration lie in the battle cries of early peace activists and public health pioneers who saw motherhood as a healing force that could transform sick communities and unite warring nations. Julia Ward Howe, better known for writing “The Battle Hymn of […]