If you build it, they will come. This year has been huge for projects in Eyasi. So far a well has been dug, the solar powered tower is being built and people have clean water! This is profoundly affecting the people not just in the village but the whole area. It will feed people into the Duka, or shop that is built. We now need to supply the shop to get it up and running. A refrigerator will be the only one for 5 miles so people will come to shop, buy food, have tea and get things sewed. The Duka will have solar lights. We will be working on finishing it when we are there in February 2020. In addition we sponsored the medical clinic for a month, built two more houses and outhouses, sponsored 3 students in the school, supported the micro loan program. We would love to have you come join us each year. More updates soon on our 2020 visit and 2021 plans.