I wish each and every one of you could experience the joy we experienced over the last two weeks.  Our journey to Lake Eyasi in February 2020 was a very special one filled with much celebration.

If you build it, they will come. This year has been huge for projects in Eyasi.

So much is happening and the need is so large it is hard to contain it in a few paragraphs.

May 2018 saw 10 of us on the ground again. While there we worked a remote bush community medical clinic, built 3 houses, started a micro loan program with local ladies growing onions, built a sanitized water tower for drinking water, taught computer classes and brought over 100 glucose monitors, a blood analyzer, and other medical supplies, took a woman who had not been able to sleep cuz of scalp infection for years to medical facility, left funds and treatment for a woman with stage 4 AIDS, (she got one of the houses), left money for a disabled child to get glasses and assessment, bought beds and furniture among other things.

We are working on a great video that we will post after finished in November.

This Feburuary, another 10 of us are going. The goal this time is 2 houses, bathroooms in all 8 houses we have built and building a shop so that the women have a place of employment. As always, more always ends up being done as the need is so great when we get there.

The thing that is hard to convey is these are not just physical accomplishments. Kristina told me since she was a child she was afraid to sleep every night. Alcoholic father, abusive husband, men breaking in and raping her. For the first time in her life she said she could sleep tonight with the hope she would be safe. Or Regina who when the house was done sent for her kids who lived far away in another village as they had been living under trees…

This project is about helping these beautiful people have hope and dignity. Basic, basic human needs and I believe rights.

Please consider donating to help these women.