New Medical Center in Lake Eyasi

On Christmas Eve we received a beautiful email with a photo of the first baby born in the new clinic. Likely the baby and/or the mother would not have survived without this new clinic. Our mission in Lake Eyasi keeps expanding.  We raised the funds to buy a much needed blood analyzer. $6500.

The clinic building is still partially finished. A wing has been opened and being staffed by a local Dr and other medical staff. One of the nurses was a student that the Vocational School there we support.  Amazing circle from no schooling to school, nurse training and a job. She returned home to work in the new clinic.

Another 4 girls just graduated and need help to attend nursing school. All 4 girls did 4 years of study in 2 years. Incredible dedication.

Volunteer nurses from USA helping shortly after opening

We just had a mother and son from the USA visit and help with the houses.  We have built 3 to date and will be back in May 2018.  At that time we will build another 3. In addition we will be putting 2 USA nurses in the medical clinic, distributing water purification systems and aligning that with water education.  A micro loan project will also be started.

The need is ever expanding and so is our involvement.  Of course, without the many who help support this project, nothing would have happened.  The women of Lake Eyasi are very grateful.