Funding for Jhule School

Jhule School is still in the process of building the funds ($44000) we need to start construction.

At Christmas 2017, another $10,000 was sent over.  We are getting close to the $44,000 needed to begin. Only another $11,000 is needed.  This is a true global effort as we are partnered with our French friends, Nepal friends and donors in the USA.

In November 2018, Rick will be going to the site for construction and to visit the village. In November 2019,with construction under way, a delegation from the USA will be going over to assist in the building. If you would like to join that group please email [email protected].  You would be greatly welcomed.

If you would like to add your name to the wall (we will send you a picture) please donate $100 or more.  $5000 will give you a whole wall in your name or in memory of someone you love.  The village needs you to join with them.