4 Wall Projects in Progress

The 4 Walls Project has been very active since the beginning of Janurary 2018  ! Keuka College sent students and 2 professors to volunteer and work with 3 families which were chosen by the local comite to receive the 4 Walls houses.

The best part I have heard is how the connections were built among these families. They work hard together to build walls, sift sand, carry bricks, mix cement and also cement their lives together! The words used mostly by our volunteers are “grateful, kind, generous, fun, hard working, grateful and generous” in describing the families.

Volunteers with the family of 4Wall house #139

Hilton HS arrived with a large  group of  volunteers and also built casa’s for 3 families. They worked on casa’s  # 136, 137, 138.  This was the 4th  trip for Hilton HS, organized by Spanish teacher, Michele Ariola!  They must love this connection, finding it very rewarding, and they are planning already for next year!

Volunteers from Sanford N H.

Casa # 139 is being built by a group of 4 high school students and a teacher from Sanborn High School , New Hamphshire. The  special  part of this  group is that Meghan H, the woman who originated the concept 10 years ago here in El sauce, is leading this group. I have jumped into their mix and I am very grateful to be here again with Meghan. I believe both of us are blown away with the 4 Walls Project successes.

This could not have worked without the dedicated work by the project manager, “Pepe”, Alberto Blanco, who lives in El Sauce. We also want to thank the comite members who live in El Sauce and we are willing to serve on the comite that chooses the families. However, our biggest supporters are the  donors!!  Those who generously  donate to the project. All  donations will go 100%  to the project, which means that a donation of $25 would go directly to supplies expenses, pay the  masons and the project  managment. Additionally, all donations going through JOS are tax-deductible. GRACIAS to all! Your money is well spent !

Bonnie Yannie