The Friends Project

The Friends Project is honored to celebrate the graduation and hiring of Julius Sairowua, a young Masai man who we provided a full $2,200 scholarship to attend the esteemed Koiyaki Guiding School in Kenya. It is for Masai and upon graduation, they are certified for safari guiding.

He was chosen by elders to attend. He was working as a ranger on a conservancy and dreamed to be a guide.Julius is now a guide at Porini Lion Camp, near the Masai Mara.

All of the guides at Porini are Masai, and the camps are on Masai-owned conservancies; his position helps his family, village and conservation as a business.

We are also providing two college scholarships to Las Minitas, Nicaragua, teens Alonso and Yessenia. They are the first to attend college from the settlement.

Alonso graduates this December to become a teacher. She graduates in 2019 with a degree in economics. Each scholarship is $300 and each helps cover the cost of attending public school, including books and transportation. They work all week on their family farms,  then take a bus 2 hours to Leon for class on Saturday.

Thank you to everyone! WE do this!

Kris Dreessen

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