Eco Mayo

Wow – four months since the last newsletter….! Well, loads has happened; we have planted trees, veggies and flowers during the rainy season, the kids had a holiday in August and school is now going on as usual. I have been back in Norway since early May, working my regular summer job for the Norwegian mapping agency. This is the longest I have been away from Kenya since the project started in 2013 and it feels good knowing that we have enough great staff in place looking after our students and keeping everything moving as it should. The time in Norway has also been important for our project – getting in touch with other charity organizations to learn about how they work and presenting our projects to other schools and people seem to be bearing fruits already – and of course like with any job, its important to take a break and get some perspective on things.

I always think about our monthly sponsors – some of you have been there since the beginning and we are so forever thankful! We always need more of you so let us know if you want to join :)

Big hugs from Lindsay and the Eco Moyo Crew

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