Entries by Bob Kuehl

Day 17 6/20/19

Kremlin, MT to Harlem, MT; 62 miles, mostly cloudy, head/tail winds, light afternoon shower, 40-50’s A cold front came through last night so cooler temperatures. Snow in the mountains so we dodged that bullet. Today’s route for the most part was FLAT along the Milk River valley. There are some trees so it actually looks […]

Day 18 6/21/19

Harlem, MT to Wagner, MT; 42 miles, rain, wind, and 40’s Today was not a great weather day. In fact it made me homesick for Rochester weather in early April. We were confronted with a good old fashioned low pressure Northeaster. Light to moderate rain at first that became heavier midday. Light wind out of […]

Day 19 6/22/19

Wagner, MT to Glasgow, MT; 80 miles, rain, NW winds 15-20 mph, 50’s The good news is there was a strong tailwind all day. The bad news is it rained almost all day and I had not one but two flats. Those little stones on wet shoulders are the problem. Plus it is past time […]

Day 20 6/23/19

Glasgow, MT to Wolf Point, MT; 67 miles, sunny, W wind, and 50-70’s A very welcome change in the weather today, just perfect biking conditions. The route today continued to follow US 2 east for the first 20 miles, then followed quiet back roads until almost reaching Wolf Point at 50 miles. The back roads […]

Day 21 6/24/19

Wolf Point, MT to Glendive, MT; 93 miles, partly cloudy, 15-20 mph winds from the west Today’s ride headed south on MT 13 for 40 miles or so. There was a cross wind, it was quite hilly but the road surface was good, and there was light traffic. Scattered showers were predicted and of course […]

Day 22 6/25/19

Glendive, MT to Medora, ND; 64 miles, sunny, west winds, and 70-80’s Yesterday it seemed as though there was a continuous descent into Glendive for the last 20 miles. Well today starting out it seemed as though there was a continuous climb for 20 miles out of Glendive. Perhaps something to do with the Yellowstone […]

Day 23 6/26/19

Medora, ND to Richardton, ND; 61 miles, sunny, light winds, 70-80’s Medora is located in the bottom of the North Dakota bad lands which means today’s ride started with a several miles long climb out. There was a 10 mile or so stretch on I-94 again, but then back roads the rest of the day. […]

Day 24 6/27/19

Richardton, ND to Mandan, ND; 70 miles, sunny, 10 mph East wind, and 70-80’s Another beautiful day for cycling. While I experienced my first sustained day long head wind on the trip, it was more like a breeze and no big deal. The route mainly followed old highways that parallel I-94 with very little traffic […]

Day 25 6/28/19

Mandan, NT to Hazelton, ND; 54 miles, early storm, then clearing, 10-20 mph wind out of SE/SW, 70-80’s Today was not entirely routine. We were delayed for two hours or so in the morning to let a storm line pass through. The first several miles weaved its way through commercial streets, residential streets, and bike […]

Day 26 6/29/19

Braddock Rd at US 83 to junction of ND 30 and 46; 60 miles, mostly cloudy, 20-30 mph winds SE/E Today was one of those days when you just put your head down and pedal. Strong headwinds were present for 52 miles before the last eight miles provided a vector of tailwind, thank goodness. Average […]