In the Spring of 2019 my daughter Isabella and I had the opportunity to visit the Om Shanthi Widows Home. For years we have followed Anna’s heart-rending updates – of women found close to death on the street and lovingly rehabilitated….of young women left with nothing on their husband’s death helped to find housing and meaningful employment. We knew their names and faces (some we had seen transformed from literal piles of bones to blooming, beaming, proud women) – and yet nothing prepared us for the joy of meeting these spirited, strong, and talented women in person. Far from being a place of sadness and “waiting”, Om Shanti is a place that is deeply peaceful, dignified, warmly alive, joyful, homely. It is also … “full” – full of love, music, respect and deep kindness. Though we took medical supplies to held equip the first aid station and hospice arm of the Home, as well as some personal items for the ladies, we took away vastly more than we delivered – a cliche but very true. The visit was too short – though I would trade a week here for five minutes’ there all over again! – but in those few days we played board games with the ladies – who took great delight in out-maneuvering us in crushing bouts of Sorry! – shared in traditional musical celebrations – held hands, tried to understand each other, played ball – and even danced a little. We learned a great deal about the plight of younger widows – many of whom dedicate their time and energy to supporting the older widows at Om Shanti – and the complex needs of their young families. We sat with Anna as she received calls about widows – both young and old – who had been found on the streets and needed the sort of care Anna excels at organizing. If finances and other life circumstances permit, we will return next year – in the meantime, we will both hold the experience among the dearest we have had.