The Drought is Over!

News from Om Shanthi in Tiruvannamalai/India

The terrible drought in Tiruvannamalai is over: Rain is coming from the sky and our water expert found a new source of drinking water in the garden of our Om Shanthi Home, only 20 metres deep, which will provide water even in times, when another drought may come.
We are so grateful for your support, without which nothing could have happened. Now all nature and living beings are recovering and life starts anew: Rice is planted, guesthouses welcome new pilgrims and construction work can start again. So much happiness is coming just because of water, which is truly the essence of all life. Please see the little video of the successful second boring.
Our plans to build a new intense care house, where abandoned women can die peacefully had to be postponed because of the lack of water. We are now ready to start with constructing our hospice building. Saradha from Kerala, whom we found on the street last Christmas, is already a well known friend of you because of our former reports. She will not need its facilities yet, because she has recovered so well. Here is a little video with her song.

A big thank you from the bottom of all our hearts. Without your help we could do nothing. You are invited to come and visit us in this  place here at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala in Tamil Nadu. We will welcome you with the joy, you have created with your dear support and deep gratitude.

Your loving support and generosity of heart continues to be so gratefully appreciated.

Lots of loves from Paulette, Anna and all our widows and helpers.