Hello from Tanzania!

Hello dear friend,

Just sending some warm greetings from Tanzania!

​As was to be expected, since my arrival last Wednesday morning, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of meetings with partners, visits to schools and time spent at Shalom orphanage. My students, now teens, have in many cases grown taller than I and have been unwilling to let me walk far from their sight during our time together.​ Additionally, walking through Karatu town, I cannot go too far without being stopped by business owners and neighbors telling me “Umepotea, Eliza” = “You’ve been lost, Eliza.”​ In these moments, I remember being told a few news ago by the school nurse as she greeted me one morning, “Uko nyumbani,” = “You’re home.” Truly. In short, it’s been just a dream. Thankfully my Swahili hasn’t been too forgotten either!

As you may know, I​ a​m back here to develop the next stage of ​the sponsorship program I created 8 years ago through ​J​ourneys of Solutions. All of the students are now secondary (high school) students so it’s a big transition time for the program! To continue to meet the educational needs of these amazing young humans, I’m planning a big fundraiser​ event​ in 2018 for a higher ed​ucation​ fund I’m developing​ “Kesho Fund”​, so stay tuned for some more updates on that in the coming weeks/months!

Some pictures below in case you’re​ curious for some glimpses.

Hoping you’re well​ this holiday season!​