Dear Friends,

A number of you have expressed the desire to meet Anna Etter, and to learn more about the Widows of India project which she single-handedly founded in 2008.

Come and hear of this current, true-to-life happening which will open your heart and inspire you! It is a tale that begins with the sad circumstances of many widows in India, yet your heart will be opened, inspired, and uplifted as you learn of Anna’s efforts, the success of the project, and her love affair with these wonderful and beautiful women – our sisters in India.

The Widows of India Project ( ) began when Anna came upon a destitute Indian woman lying near-death at the edge of a dirt road under a pile of rags along a dusty rural road in Tiruvannamalai, South India. Anna sought help for this woman from both Westerners and Indians, but was told “there is nothing to be done”. This – she could not accept! Anna went on to seek help for this woman, but when she came back the woman was gone.

Anna learned that this woman was a widow, and and upon inquiry and research, she learned even more about the harsh reality facing many, many Indian widows – that still today, they are cast out of their homes, destitute, on to the streets when their husbands die.

Anna’s thought was, “There, but for the Grace of God, go I!” It was then that Anna claimed her mission in life – to help our Indian sisters, thereby working to shift the consciousness of the culture, while positively impacting Indian women’s lives in the immediacy of their need.

This story of small beginnings, determination, courage, and love represents all that can be, when our hearts are open. It is a current, true-to-life tale of the plight of many widows in India – yet you will be inspired, and your heart will be lifted as you listen and learn how 25 elderly widows are now happily living out their remaining years at the Om Shanthi Old Age Home, and how numerous younger widows in the community are being helped with on-the-job handicraft training and educational programs, thus enabling them to be self- supporting and productive members of their society.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Anna! She is visiting from Germany for just a short while. Come and meet her on Saturday, August 20, at my home, where she will share her experiences, and information about the project, and of upcoming plans for expansion of the project.

So, please come! Don’t miss this! But – space is limited, so please RSVP at your earliest opportunity!

114 Churchview Lane
Pittsford, NY 14534

Saturday, August 20
2 – 5 p.m.

(Snacks, finger foods and beverages will be served.)

Many blessings!

Paulette Elberti