Lots of loves from India!

Dear friends of JOS!

Our new hospice building is nearly ready. It will be inaugurated on February 11th. There will be one big room with 6 beds (will increase later), one big bathroom, one room for intense care, one storeroom for equippment and one office room for our nurse and helpers. This new building is directly connected to our other house, so that it is easy to make contact with all our residents.

 We urgently need new space,  especially for Janaki, who has been our resident since 2015. The photo was taken in 2017, showing her in good health and good mental condition. Last year in October, her daughter took her home.
What surprised us was a phone call we got from the police at nightfour days ago, informing us about a helpless woman, begging on the road. We all had tears in our eyes when we recognised it was our dear Janaki. Her daughter had left her alone and took away her saris, nighties, necklace and even the glasses we gave to her. People who have compassion might give her alms, but Janaki had been starving for a long time.  Obviously, she had experienced hell throughout the time after she had to leave us.

Janaki was only a shadow of her former self, with fear and shock in her eyes, face and her body. Now she is with us again and we will never let her go. We are happy to see how fast she is recovering since she came to us four days ago. She is still weak and her body has only bones and skin. But she already wants to take her meals upright sitting together with the other women.

We thank you and all your donators, which have helped us throughout the last years to keep up our work which everybody here is so devoted to. Please continue to support our little community, which will be increasing to 33 residents soon. And there will be 7 widows/single women take care of them.

The cost of living is increasing steadily like everywhere. We are very grateful for your help to our ongoing care for our dear old ladies and our wonderful staff, even if  there is no more extraordinairy investment in our near future, Namasté ! Light and love and deep gratitude from all of us!

Anna and all the widows and staff!