Smiles from Yusuph

Since January 2018, we started offering free education to 100 children from our village (class 3 to class 6). They get porridge in the morning, free books and all school materials needed, uniforms and PE kits.
Most of our kids come from a local government school that has roughly 100 students per teacher and the quality of the teaching is very low. So it’s the first time for these kids to get one on one attention with parent  (teacher conversations and individual follow ups). It is so fun to see the progress made by the kids! Some of them only eat one meal per day. So offering a nutritious porridge every morning makes a big difference to them! (we make it from local grains which we wash, dry and take to the mill for best nutrition).
We have volunteers come and visit now and then. There is allways construction happening too. Here are some pics: