This month it was very exciting as the septic which was hand dug (took a few months) had water from the well pumped into it to test.  Huge, huge deal. No other houses in the area have septic.  This hygienic addition to the project helps protect the health of the families living on the land.  In addition it is helps to inspire others in the area to improve their conditions.

Next the ceilings will be finished.  Doors are in now.  The construction has allowed Juma, one of the porters to have a much needed job.

We are investigating now how electric can be supplied.  Not known is it better have put in 8 poles to bring in electric from the main road or to develop a solar system.
We are starting to lay plans for our return on the ground in 2018.  More funds always seem to be needed.  Construction costs have gone up, of course and the electric situation is new.  Initially it was hoped there would be poles already put in place by the village.  It appears now it will take the project to initiate this change for the local village.