Fulton, NY to Hinckley Dam, NY; 70 miles, 5-10 SW, 60-70s, muggy

We continued east on NY 49 along the north shore of Oneida Lake through Rome, NY to the Hinckley Dam on the West Canada Creek just short of entering the Adirondack Park. Part of the route followed the Erie Canal trail to Rome along the original Erie Canal. The weather was better with lower temperatures. The day did have its challenges, in this case with road construction on NY 49. Our tax dollars were at work to mill and repave. Milling is where a machine scrapes off the top layer of asphalt to make room for a new layer. The result of milling is a very grooved road surface that results in a very vibrating ride on a stiff road bike. I made it through a stretch of six miles and was very glad when it was over. But wait, 20 miles down the road there was another stretch of 3-4 miles. I graciously accepted a ferry across that one from the SAG driver. But wait, there was another one toward the end of the day east of Rome. That was only a mile that I rode through. And to put a cherry on the day, I got a flat tire about a mile away from finishing for the day. All part of the adventure of doing a long road trip by bike.

These two days give us a good start toward the end of the ride in Maine. We are now home for a few days to entertain guests and will resume the ride early next week.