A Home for Sarahda

We found Sarahda, having been dumped at the main road in Tiruvannamalai. She could not walk, and spoke the language of Kerala. She told us she was waiting for her family to pick her up again, which they promised, when they left her.

After three days she finally realized, nobody would come and take her…… (this is what happens, we know it). She agreed to have us take her to our Om Shanthi Old Age Home, which is prepared to provide a home to women like Sarahda.

Look at how she arrived in our home and how she is now. This is a typical case! Now Sarahda is very happy with us. She still does not speak our language and cannot walk, but all of us speak the language of the heart, so she feels very happy.

We all love her. I gave her necklace and earrings and she loves them because she feels respected after a long time of suffering.

How to Help

We are ready to start construction work for our new intensive care building. It will be for 10 women, who need full time care to meet their basic needs (i.e. assistance going to the bathroom, showering, etc). These women do not have hope of recovery, but we want to make them as comfortable and as loved as possible in hospice care.

We need beds, mattresses, covers, pampers, and cushions. We will need a deeper well, because there is a lack of water in Tamil Nadu, as well as another septic tank. Finally, we’ll need more assistants, who help with the intense care.

To donate, please visit: http://journeysofsol.wpengine.com/make-a-donation/

Warm regards from all of us in India and Germany,

The Widows of India Team