In September 2013, we celebrated our first five Standard VII graduates. These hardworking students are presently enrolled in secondary schools in and outside of Karatu and continue to excel due to their hard work and commitment to learning–skills perfected through their time at Tumaini.
The costs to sponsor a secondary school student are $1,365.00USD (effective September 2013). The costs include: tuition and boarding fees (when applicable), uniforms and non-school clothing, medical needs and all school supplies.
Additionally, just weeks after this group graduated, JOS accepted a secondary school student, Charles, into our sponsorship program. A bit of a special case*, Charles is now enrolled at a secondary school in Arusha, where he is successfully dedicating time to his studies and earning high marks!
*Prior to his enrollment in secondary school, Charles sold bracelets and other trinkets on the streets of Karatu in order to earn money for his family. When we recognized this street business was taking away from his educational endeavors, JOS secured a very generous sponsor to commit to Charles and his education. Also, thanks to a local artist in Karatu who has employed Charles’ mom, the family is doing well and no longer dependent upon Charles’ street business.

JOS Volunteer and Project Manager of the Child Sponsorship Program, has joined Tanzania Education Corporation (TEC) , as Program Director and International Volunteer Coordinator. Boston-based TEC was established to provide financial support for selected non-government English-language based primary and secondary schools in Tanzania, and has been specifically focusing on Tumaini Junior School. Funds have supported infrastructure projects including classroom buildings, dormitories and administrative offices. Additionally, TEC offers scholarships for needy children to attend Tumaini. TEC recognized the advantage of having someone working on the ground to expand its work and provide up to date information so through an anonymous grant, Elizabeth has joined the TEC team.

Since 2009, JOS has worked alongside TEC in supporting Tumaini Junior School so we anticipate continued success for our CSP now that Elizabeth has returned to Tanzania for five months until December 2012.

Also, we are thrilled to announce we have raised the $23,000.00 needed to complete the Water Well Project at Tumaini. Due to the horrid drought Tanzania and much of East Africa endured in 2011, Tumaini Junior School was in desperate need of accessible water to serve the 500+ students, teachers and other staff members. On average, the daily consumption at Tumaini is 10,000 liters of water per day for cleaning, cooking, drinking, washing laundry and watering the vegetable gardens and surrounding grounds. In light of the drought, Tumaini’s supply right was decreased to only 2,000 to 3,000 liters per day, creating the need to walk at least 2 to 5 miles to haul the water with a water truck or to have people transport the water with buckets on their heads.

Consequently, JOS committed to raising the remaining funds needed to access the much-needed water. We raised a portion of the funds at a November 2011 fundraiser. Likewise TEC collected donations from Tumaini supporters. In April and May 2012, JOS received more than $ 14,000.00 through memorial donations for the late, John C. Kallop, Elizabeth’s father. Mr. Kallop began supporting the school in 2009 through the CSP, and remained a committed donor until his death in April 2012, having recognized the great vision and dedication of Mr. Bayo and his staff.

At this time, Tumaini has the funds needed to purchase the equipment and parts for accessing the much-needed water. Later this year, the water well will be named in the memory of John C. Kallop. In the meantime, visit Elizabeth’s Blog for periodic updates and photos of work in Karatu.