GOAL: $2,300 by September 2015 (Completed!)

PROJECT: Provide a scholarship to a young Masaai man to become a wildlife guide, covering tuition and all associated costs for the one-year program to become a certified safari guide throughout Kenya.

There are a growing number of conservancies owned by Masaai communities that host safaris to view lions and wildlife. This set-up provides income and preserves the ecosystem.

Some viewing safari companies, such as Porini, employ nearly 99 percent Masaai staff, who are graduates of Koiyaki. They become strong advocates of conservation in their villages, and do a lot to stop killing of lions and other wildlife. They build careers to support their families and support for the conservancies, which support the villages.

Their expertise and experiences with tourists from around the world spread this message and knowledge and make the world smaller.

The impact of one scholarship ripples through communities, and across generations.

Koiyaki graduates John Siololo and Jackson Ronko were among the most inspiring and amazing people I met on my world journey. Their love for their land and expertise stays with me. Jackson was among the first Masaai to complete the course through a scholarship.

They both are proud to be part of the The Friends Project initiative to assist another young man.

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