Ghandi Mathi, Widows of India

We’re a little sad, because Ghandi Mathi died 8 weeks after we found her. She was dumped on main street and left by somebody, we do not know whom.

Ghandi Mathi was in a terrible condition, when we found her on Christmas morning. After treatment in our hospital she came to our Om Shanthi Home.

Ghandi could not walk and ate only small portions. Very soon she became everybody’s darling. She slept more and more as time went on, but when someone called her name, she would open her eyes and give us a beautiful smile.

For the first time in her life, she had been given tender loving care, along with the appropriate degree of attention required for her own personal needs, as she had also become incontinent.  In addition, this is the first time that our Om Shanthi old age home staff had been presented with caring for someone with end of life needs.

Soon she did not want to eat anything anymore and also rejected drinking. It was obvious she wanted to leave this world that had caused so much pain for her. She was so grateful and expressed how happy she was to die in our home. It was no surprise for all of us, when she fell asleep peacefully early morning in February forever. May she rest in peace!

Your continued kind donations will allow us to focus our efforts on the construction of an actual hospice house, as our old widows are continuing to age and will need the same special care, as well as more and more needy women come to our home.  In addition, the current severe drought in this area has created the need to purchase sufficient water at great expense, to include the purchase of three new water tanks.  The situation there is so severe that water may only be used for drinking and cooking.

We are so grateful to our dear donors, who enable us to do this precious work!