Lightness Women’s Homes In Africa

The goal of this project is to build homes for homeless, unwed, and pregnant women in the Lake Eyasi area of Tanzania, Africa. Many of these women are pregnant through rape. Once a woman is pregnant she cannot attend school. An unmarried pregnant woman is then kicked out of her family’s home. These women are young victims of violence, now uneducated, homeless mothers.

The lead point of contact in the Laky Eyasi area is Lightness, a woman who came from a fatherless home in this area. Her husband is Mr. Bayo, the founder of Tumiani Primary school which JOS has supported for years.

Lightness started a vocational training center for these young mothers. Unemployment can exceed 70% for women in this area. They knit and sew school uniforms for the community as a way to support themselves. To earn income is a powerful way to get control of their lives. It is for these women that we will be building homes. Lightness is a longtime friend of JOS and is a woman of great vision. Providing housing for these women will improve their life and livelihood, bringing sustenance and safety into their lives.

The Goal

The goal is to build two houses in February of 2017. Each house will have 3 small rooms. The total cost is $17,000. It is an expensive area to build in as most of the supplies have to be transported which is a high cost in Tanzania.

For each $100 donated, your name or a designated name, will be placed on a brick in the wall of the home and you will be email a photo of that wall. It is a fantastic way to share solidarity with the women on the other side of the ocean. If you would like to join this amazing experience, please contact board member Rick French at

These women need your help. Please consider donating here.

Lightness Women’s Homes In Africa April 2017 Update

Imagine yourself dancing alongside local tribal women to a deep, resonating drumbeat until sweat is pouring off you. These are the same women you have sat with on the tarp to pick out pieces of rice, stirred porridge over the fire, held their babies and sat in their smoky mud and wattle houses. The women encourage you to jump alongside with them in the dance steps. Finally, you need to sit down.

In February 8 of us spent almost 2 weeks with Lightness and her projects. We painted the walls and dug foundations for 3 houses to replace the fallen, mud hut, these single women of 4 to 6 children live in. It is not really possible I think to understand what these houses mean to these mom’s.

Lightness Women’s Homes Update December ’16

There was huge excitement 2 weeks ago in the small village near Lake Eyasi, Tanzania.  Several trucks loaded with bricks arrived and the first of hopefully many houses had their foundation laid. In February, 2017,  a group of 7 volunteers plus Yusuf and Lightness will be  on site working with the local tribal women and […]