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December 12, 2016

This month it was very exciting as the septic which was hand dug (took a few months) had water from the well pumped into it to test.  Huge, huge deal. No other houses in the area have septic.  This hygienic addition to the project helps protect the health of the families living on the land. […]

Meghan’s Story

Why I was inspired My name is Meghan Haslam. I came to El Sauce, Nicaragua in November of 2006 as an Environmental Education Peace Corps Volunteer. The inspiration for the 4 Walls Project stems from an encounter with a young man named Juan Pablo who grew up moving from one house to another. When he […]

Child Sponsorship Program – Special update as of September 2013

In September 2013, we celebrated our first five Standard VII graduates. These hardworking students are presently enrolled in secondary schools in and outside of Karatu and continue to excel due to their hard work and commitment to learning–skills perfected through their time at Tumaini. The costs to sponsor a secondary school student are $1,365.00USD (effective […]

Child Sponsorship Program Special Updates as of June 2012: Elizabeth returns to Tanzania and the Water Well at Tumaini is complete!

JOS Volunteer and Project Manager of the Child Sponsorship Program, has joined Tanzania Education Corporation (TEC) www.tanzania-schools.org , as Program Director and International Volunteer Coordinator. Boston-based TEC was established to provide financial support for selected non-government English-language based primary and secondary schools in Tanzania, and has been specifically focusing on Tumaini Junior School. Funds have […]